Holy Cow, A computer compare website that acutally puts the cheapest price

The other day. I came onto this website planetxelectron where they compare prices of popular electronics. Its not quite a place like CNET but a place that is trying to focus on prices for popular products. They have espressos machines, gym equipment, flash drives, TVs and more.

I remember coming here a long time ago and the layout was messy. Now it looks better and has a sleek interface. I enjoyed it a lot because it was easy to use. I really like the hot deals on the front of the website. Another thing I like is that there are no ads at all.

I first came to this site because I needed a flash drive. One of my friends suggested that I looked here and I did just that. I needed a 128gb flash drive and they compared the latest 2013 models from companies like PNY, SanDisk and several others. They compare price to features. I really like this site and I cant wait to see what else they come up with.

I tried to contact the site owner to see what the main goal of the site is trying to do but was unable to get a hold of them. I wanted to know because their does seem to be a conflict because they also seem like a review site and personally I like review sites to be different then price compare. I find that review sites tend to be bias but who knows. I have been wrong before and think that a non-bias review price comparison site could work.


Hello All

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How to find the cheapest cruise around

ImageOver the years, I have learned several lessons about what is the right thing to say when wanting to get things cheap and sometimes it works. However, most times when I ask for something cheap I get the echo of ‘this is the cheapest we have, you can’t pass up a offer like this’. Literally that is what I guess.

For example when going to a hotel for the night, never, I have never ask for the best rate room for the night because you will often get the average room rate for the cheapest hotel room. Instead you should ask directly, ‘What is your cheapest room for the night?’ This is more direct and most often they will give you a good rate if they have space. This rule applies to not only hotel rooms but also other travel expensive, like cruise lines. 

Most often cruise lines will give a high rate if you only get what they offer. If you ask for the best rate, they will give you the best rate. However, if you ask you what deals you can get for getting a cheap room you will most like get a cheap room. Now, these tips really works for last minute travels.

Now, we also have a friend, Travel agencies. I will warn you that you must make yourself seem like an informed shopper. When trying to get last minute cruises, you must push hard to get the cheapest price. Travel agencies, have a certain amount of rooms they must sell for the cruise line and when the cruise date fast approaches, the cruise lines wants to sell those empty tickets.

SO IF YOU WANT A CHEAP TICKET FROM ANY PORT, YOU MUST PUSH HARD FOR A GOOD DEAL because these agencies rather sell the ticket at a higher cost unless you push hard for a cheap deal.


NOW, If you don’t want to do all this work, I found a website that does this work for you and it is Cheap Cruises Deals. They have deals from all over United States Ports. Recently I was looking up Cheap Cruises from Galveston, Texas and I thought I had found a good deal, until I saw that they posted a deal Priceline had on their site. It saved me 10% on my ticket, plus they give extras.

Some of their other deals include Cheap Cruises from Port Canaveral, Cheap Cruises from Miami and many others.

The Question With In You

The other day, I had a question about peanuts. As I was eating one, the question of where do peanuts come from started to wonder my mind. For being a university student I felt embarrassed to asked my friends, for fear that I would be tagged as a not knowledgeable person. So to answer the question, I look it up on the internet.

The answer I relieved was totally different then what I expected. It turns out that a peanuts first begins with a flower that is yellow and then finishes as a seed in the ground. I had no idea that we were actually eating seeds. Another fact I found out was that a peanut is not called a nut at all as it is more like a pea then a nut. You can read more Where do peanuts come from at their website. It is extremely fascinating about the information they have.

They have tons of questions similar that this. Another one I found was the ‘Where do cashews come from‘ To make a long story short. I found out that a cashew is very dangerous for humans, or at least the shell is. It’s similar to poison ivy and the cashew has to over go tons of processes to make sure the poison part of the shell is not leaked into the nut.

And again, they have tons more of questions. The site link is  below,


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