Holy Cow, A computer compare website that acutally puts the cheapest price

The other day. I came onto this website planetxelectron where they compare prices of popular electronics. Its not quite a place like CNET but a place that is trying to focus on prices for popular products. They have espressos machines, gym equipment, flash drives, TVs and more.

I remember coming here a long time ago and the layout was messy. Now it looks better and has a sleek interface. I enjoyed it a lot because it was easy to use. I really like the hot deals on the front of the website. Another thing I like is that there are no ads at all.

I first came to this site because I needed a flash drive. One of my friends suggested that I looked here and I did just that. I needed a 128gb flash drive and they compared the latest 2013 models from companies like PNY, SanDisk and several others. They compare price to features. I really like this site and I cant wait to see what else they come up with.

I tried to contact the site owner to see what the main goal of the site is trying to do but was unable to get a hold of them. I wanted to know because their does seem to be a conflict because they also seem like a review site and personally I like review sites to be different then price compare. I find that review sites tend to be bias but who knows. I have been wrong before and think that a non-bias review price comparison site could work.


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